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Instructors: A.S Pandit/NISM Certified Trainers & Investors

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Course Curriculum

I have designed this course for those who wish to learn about the stock market in the most systematic, simplified and practical way. It does not matter if you are from a non-finance background, whether you are a Student, Engineer, Doctor, housewife, etc.
This course has helped more than 20000 learners and I am confident that after completing this course, you will be able to confidently analyze and invest in Share Market.The course has 50 lectures, each close to 45 Minutes. Even if you watch 1 lecture every day which is recommended, you will be able to complete the course within 40 days. In this course, you will learn 100+ concepts of the Stock Market in just 40 days. This also includes one guest lecture on Technical Analysis. Illustrative List of topics covered: BSE, NSE, Sensex, NIFTY, Types of orders - Limit, Stop Loss, etc, Auction of shares, Concepts related to IPO like ASBA Facility, Price band, and many more concepts!

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  • Language: Hinglish
For any course-related queries, Whatsapp 8429788939

Important Links for Members
CISM Lecture 1
CISM Lecture 2 (73:00)
CISM Lecture 3 (91:00)
CISM Lecture 4 (71:00)
CISM Lecture 5 (96:00)
CISM Lecture 6 (62:00)
CISM Lecture 7 (91:00)
CISM Lecture 8 (84:00)
CISM Lecture 9 (91:00)
CISM Lecture 10 (53:00)
CISM Lecture 11
CISM Lecture 12
CISM Lecture 13 (86:00)
CISM Lecture 14 (71:00)
CISM Lecture 15
CISM Lecture 16
Introduction To Investing L1
Technical Analysis L2
Technical Analysis L3 (82:00)
Yash Bank Case Study L4 (93:00)
Case Study L5 (91:00)
Case Study L6 (89:00)
Case Study L7 (86:00)
Case Study L8 (84:00)
Pattern vs Indicators L9 (89:00)
Profit and Wealth L10 (89:00)
candle strategy L11 (89:00)
Behavioral Finance and Cross Overs L12 (89:00)
Cup Strategy L13
Cup Strategy L14
Swing Strategy L15
Fundamental Strategy L16
CISM Lecture
mtm lecture

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