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Why this course?


Fundamental Analysis (Zero to PRO) Course : The Real Power to Make you Rich is with Fundamental Analysis

  • All Classes & Mentorship By Pandit Sir Complete Zero to Advance level
  • Fundamental Analysis : Covering all aspects of fundamental analysis, including my 3 Layer Money Making Strategy,
  • Financial statements, valuation methods, 
  • Economic indicators and industry analysis.
  • Strategy to find stock for Swing/Monthly trade
  • Calculating Entry & Exits Target & Stoplosses
  • Market & Stock Predection Strategies
  • Pre Market Predections of NIFTY
  • Making Money from Index Funds
  • Personalised Tricks of Pandit sir for Finding Super Multibagger Stocks before it turns Explosive
  • Stock Exit and Profit Booking Timing Calculations & Tricks(Which I Personally use)
  • Portfolio Adjustment classes for Maintaining 30%-40% + Continuous Returns
  • Interactive & Practical Market Lessons by Incorporating multimedia elements like videos, quizzes, and interactive exercises to engage learners actively Your Weekly Progress Tracking on Mobile Application
  • Access to Personalised hand written Notes of Pandit Sir(He prepared those by himself in last 15 years)
  • Discussion Forums: a platform for learners to discuss concepts, ask questions, and interact with instructors and peers .

(+ FREE 2nd Course ) 
Free Mutual Fund Course

  • Selecting New Fund Offers (NFO) to get Listing Gain benefit from mutual funds
  • Finding Small SIP Mutual Funds for 20%+ Average returns
  • Overview of Mutual Funds. Characteristics of Mutual Funds and its Benefits.
  • Responsibilities of a Fund Accountant.

Calculation of Net Asset Value.

Concept of Transfer Agents.

Need for Retirement and Education Savings Plans.

+ FREE 3rd Course )

  • Bank Loan Circulation strategies
  • Step by Step Location Selection Startegy to acheive Target appreciation
  • Monthly Small SIP : 7P’s Strategy for compounding & Planning your Dream Home
  • Maintaining & Using Credit Score or Mortgage Loan to Earn Money All three Courses

(Fundamental+Mutual Fund+Your Dream Home Plan) -

@ ₹2999/- with 1 Years Access & Personal Mentorship

@ ₹3499/- with 2 Years Access & Personal Mentorship

@ ₹3999/- with 5 Years Access & Personal Mentorship

  • Live Sessions,Quizzes,Everything will Run on a Personalised Mobile app - link will be shared to the Students admitted.
  • Classes can be watches multiples times whenever you want Live/Online

+ ONE BIG SURPRISE FOR 5000 LEARNERS THOSE WHO WILL ADMITTED IN COURSE.Will be revealed after the admission gets closed

Conditions Remember we can only accommodate 5000 Learners on server / First come first basis

Course Curriculum

I have designed this course for those who wish to learn about the stock market in the most systematic, simplified and practical way. It does not matter if you are from a non-finance background, whether you are a Student, Engineer, Doctor, housewife, etc.
This course has helped more than 20000 learners and I am confident that after completing this course, you will be able to confidently analyze and invest in Share Market.The course has 50 lectures, each close to 45 Minutes. Even if you watch 1 lecture every day which is recommended, you will be able to complete the course within 40 days. In this course, you will learn 100+ concepts of the Stock Market in just 40 days. This also includes one guest lecture on Technical Analysis. Illustrative List of topics covered: BSE, NSE, Sensex, NIFTY, Types of orders - Limit, Stop Loss, etc, Auction of shares, Concepts related to IPO like ASBA Facility, Price band, and many more concepts!

  • Device: Watch the lectures on your Android OR iOS device (Android mobile phones and Tabs, Apple iPhone and iPad). This version is not for PCs and Macs. The product can be used only on a single device. i.e the mobile device in which you first 'log in', will be registered and lectures can be viewed only through that registered device.
  • Validity: Once you buy the course you will be able to watch the course lectures for 1 year. (365 Days)
  • Views: You can watch all the lectures an unlimited number of times until the validity ends.
  • PAUSE/ PLAY/ CLOSE/ OPEN the lecture any number of times.
  • Language: Hinglish
For any course-related queries, Whatsapp 8429788939

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Class Schedule
Fundamental Analysis Course Introduction Part-1 (22:00)
Ep :01 - What is Fundamental Analysis ? Meaning of Intrinsic Value ?FUNDAMENTAL ANALYSIS (29:00)
Ep :01 - What is Fundamental Analysis ? Meaning of Intrinsic Value ? (29:00)
Ep 02 _ Fundamental Analysis - What is Top Down & Bottom Up Approach _ (28:00)
Ep 03 : Fundamental Analysis Marco Components Part 1 | Market Capitalisation (21:00)
Ep 04 - What is Face Value , Book Value & Market Value || Important trick to find Undervalue stock (20:00)
Ep 05 - Financial Ratios Part 1 | Fundamental Analysis (18:00)
Ep 06 : Financial Ratios Part 2 | ROE & ROCE (22:00)
EP 07 : Financial Ratios Part 3 - PE Ratio | Forward & Trailing (17:00)
Ep 08 _ Balance Sheet Part -1 _ Fundamental Analysis (23:00)
Ep 9 : Balance Sheet Part -2 | Fundamental Analysis (19:00)
Ep 10 : Balance sheet Part 3 | Fundamental analysis (17:00)
Ep 11 ; Profit & Loss Statement Part 1| Fundamental Analysis (15:00)
P & L Part 2 + Quarterly Results | Fundamental Analysis (20:00)
Practical Application of Fudamental Analysis on Screener (11:00)
Special Class ( Portfolio Making Part-1) (19:00)
3 June Special Message (3:00)
MODI 3.0 Super Stocks Portfolio Making || Special Class 1 (17:00)
Technical Basic by Certified Trainers
Fundamental Technical Lecture 1 (47:00)
Fundamental Technical Lecture 2 (47:00)
Startup Building Skills Course One Free Class
Startup Building Course | Class-1 | Build Zero to 100 Crore Business (20:00)

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